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August 11, 2011 0

Open for Business!

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In the past year our family has experienced more changes than just kid-related excitement. I’m happy to announce that my first business, Rational Means, is up and running! We had always planned to move back east, but during the past few years the urge to start my own company became a motivating factor to actually [...]

January 1, 2011 0

Happy New Year!

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Looking back, it’s clear that 2010 will be a hard year to top. For us Cheadles, it really was a year to remember. February – We decide to move to back east to be close to family. We have no idea where we’re actually moving to. April – While preparing to move, Faye finds out [...]

June 14, 2010 0

Blog Dereliction

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As you’ve probably noticed, this blog is kind of stale. I think you can safely call 23 days behind “stale”. It’s unfortunate, as I had huge plans for this space at the outset of our trip. We were going to log journal entries after each day of our voyage, highlight our tourist adventures and show [...]

May 15, 2010 0

Leaving San Francisco

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Today we left the San Francisco Bay Area the same way we arrived, via cross-country road trip. While driving from Sunnyvale to Livermore I couldn’t help but feel like I had just been a visitor for five years. Our time here seemed so fleeting and short-lived. At the same time it felt like leaving home, [...]

May 14, 2010 0

Hello World

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We finally set up a blog!  After many requests to do so, we plan on using it to communicate to all of our family and friends about our journey forward as nomads, entrepreneurs and new parents.  Enjoy!