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Not many people talk about why daddies are important. And that’s a shame. Everyone needs a role model to show them what a good and decent man looks like. If you’re a woman, you have someone to show you the qualities to look for in male friends or a future partner or, if you’re inclined to have kids, qualities to encourage in your sons. As a man, it’s easy to see that a father shows you how to grow up.

I had read a book soon after Henry was born called Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys. It was a wonderful read because it gave me so many more reasons why we need daddies. Boys need to see a man who is comfortable with affection and his emotions. You need someone (other than Mommy) to cuddle up with.

A young boy needs to see someone that is strong and supportive, but also needs someone to show him how to deal with life when you’re feeling vulnerable and need help. Do you lash out and get angry? Do you cave in and isolate yourself? Or do you think about why you’re feeling the way you do and reach out for help?

Daddies are also great for play. Boys and girls need to get rambunctious once in a while (or in the case of most boys, daily and often). Daddies tend to be the best at this kind of thing.

Seeing how your Mom and Dad interact is essential too. Do they fight and resent each other? Or is there a deep bond between them? Do they treat each other with respect and admire one another? Are the genders constantly at odds or can they cooperate?

Daddies are important for so many reasons. Take the time today to tell one of the daddies you know that you appreciate him.

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