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1 Year!

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Henry is a year old! Hooray! We all made it! I’ll let you savor the cuteness for a moment…

I survived my parents! Yessss! But will they survive me?

Becoming parents was the best decision that Tim and I ever made. The past year has been the happiest of our lives. When we got married, it was hard to imagine being any¬†more filled up with love, but that’s what happened when we had Henry. It’s been really hard and there’s no way to prepare for it, but it’s also been fantastic. And he’s pretty adorable, so that does help with the difficult parts.

I'm even sorta cute when I'm upset.

Henry has grown up so fast in front of our eyes and we’re constantly torn between wishing time would slow down and excited about what will come next. I know I say that all of the time, but it’s really true. Everything new that he does gives us a sense of wonderment and we love getting to know him. He loves chasing things around on the floor and is a total mama’s boy. He loves paper and, like most babies, will test the properties of newly discovered objects by trying to eat them. When he’s happy he’ll flap his arms up and down and grin. Henry is also a bit of a flirt, so ladies, please be careful. Over the past year, he’s gone from being a mewling newborn to a rascally little boy.

What the heck is "mewling"? Mommy and her funny words!

I perform many important scientific experiments throughout my day.

We had a lovely birthday party for him with two kinds of cake (count em! two!). My mom made me Henry a Danish layer cake and Tim’s parents brought cupcakes from Richmond. He liked the cupcake the best:

It was a wonderful way to cap off a great year! Happy Birthday, Henry! Your dad and I look forward to whatever the next ones will bring.

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