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Henry at 11 Months

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What a happy boy! I say boy, of course, because he’s not really our baby anymore. Henry has been crawling with gusto and doing everything he can to be a big boy. He’s also reached the stage where he likes putting things in containers and taking them out. He loves to explore the world. He eats table food with us, he’s trying to pull up on everything, and he’s certainly not as passive as he used to be. We have had some interesting battles regarding diaper changes (the only thing I’ll say is that there are acrobatics involved). Henry still has his happy-go-lucky personality, but he is starting to tell us when he objects to what we’re doing…quite often.

Language is another thing that he’s been working on. Henry’s babbling is adorable. He points at everything and will try to say what it is. Mostly it comes out as “ba” or “da”, but hey, it’s a start! He has little conversations with toys and will monologue now and then as well. I’ve been trying out some sign language with him and I think he knows the signs for “ceiling fan” and “milk”. Once in a while I think he does the sign for “more”, as in, more food, but he seems to prefer smacking the table with both hands while opening his mouth as opposed to signing for it.

We also had an exciting visit with his cousins at the end of August! My parents flew down with Aimee and Lauren who were just ecstatic to see Henry in all of his chubby glory. Henry loves to play with other kids, so it was fun for him to see his energetic cousins run around the house and he was happy to see Mormor and Morfar.

Tim and I are a bit nostalgic for Henry’s baby days, when he was content to cuddle up in our arms and stare at us, but we also can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. I want to hear what’s on his mind and watch him become an independent little boy. I also want him to walk around and help me clean up his toys. Almost there!

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