August 11, 2011 0

Open for Business!

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In the past year our family has experienced more changes than just kid-related excitement. I’m happy to announce that my first business, Rational Means, is up and running!

We had always planned to move back east, but during the past few years the urge to start my own company became a motivating factor to actually pull the trigger. Not only would the cost of living allow us to invest more and bootstrap the business, but Charlotte seemed like (and is) a great place to start. The tech community here is small but thriving, and it’s been fairly easy to make a good name for myself.

Rational Means is a web design and development company. At the moment we’re primarily involved in technical consulting for clients, building user interfaces, web designs and content management systems so our customers can easily edit and navigate their content. It’s pretty exciting to be building things from the ground up. I brought my brother Matt on as a business partner, and we’re looking to take this already profitable business and grow it into something stable, sustainable and prosperous over the next few years. Being an entrepreneur is tough work, but it’s absolutely worth it!

For more info and to see our sample portfolio, check out our website.

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