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Henry at 10 Months

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I know, I know… We just published his 9 month post. Are you really going to be disappointed with more adorable Henry photos?

Here’s the “posed” shot for this month:

And here’s Henry showing what most of the shoot actually looked like:

Month ten was, well, superbly amazing. Not only did he basically perfect crawling, but Henry has begun pulling himself up onto his feet, doing the downward dog yoga pose and practicing the wobble. Pretty soon we’ll be running around the house with him! Oh wait, we’re already doing that. Our little man is a fast one. He’ll even hear one of us cooking dinner and crawl from the living room to the kitchen to see what the action is. SO SWEET.

Since Henry loves bath time and the swimming pool so much, we decided to take him to explore various other water features in Charlotte. A current favorite is the fountain at South Park mall, where he’ll sit on the edge and try to grab the water streams, all while getting soaked by water splashing on his feet. To escape this year’s brutal summer heat, Mom also takes him over to the “Sprayground” in Latta Park. Really, a playground with fountains and puddles just for kids to splash around in? Kids these days, they have it made. Henry, of course, loves it. So do we.

As for physical development, Henry is still a big boy, weighing in at around 24 pounds and hovering around 27 inches tall. The most exciting and obvious stepping stone is that now he has teeth! His two bottom central incisors have formed completely, and his upper incisors are coming in quite nicely. He has a beautiful smile, just like his Mom! This not only allows him to look more and more like a little boy, but now puréed food is starting to give way to more solids. His favorite? Peaches and bananas.

Speaking of becoming a little boy, the most amazing new behavior is his display of preferences. In the last nine months, Henry would pretty much act interested in anything you put in front of him. Now, he shows a clear preference for one toy or another, moving his stuffed ant aside to pick up some of his new puzzle blocks. This even extends to people; it’s adorable to see him crawl over to one of us, climb up our leg and reach out to be picked up. He’ll definitely let you know if he wants some love!

As we make our way quickly towards the one year mark, I can’t help but tear up and just how far we’ve come. To think that there are many decades more of watching our child grow is one of the happiest thoughts we’ve ever had. Happy 10 months Henry!

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