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Henry at 9 Months

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It’s time for the 9 month post! Ok…it’s actually more like time for the 10 month post. We’ve been busy – not lazy – we promise! Anyways, here’s what you have all been waiting for:

We would have been closer to the actual 9 month mark, but the poor little guy got sick.

Two ear infections in one month do not a happy baby make. He got sick quite a bit because it was his first month in daycare. It wasn’t all bad, though, as he met a new friend named Stone. Apparently the first time they saw each other they were instant friends. They love to make noise together and laugh. We hope to have some play dates in the coming weeks!

Going from 8 months to 9 months was eventful. As I already mentioned, Henry started daycare, meaning he got to meet new friends and Mom and Dad got some time off! He also started his Music Together classes, which he LOVES. Not only is making noise one of Henry’s favorite pastimes, he loves to hear music and for us to dance with him. We also took Henry to swimming classes this month. He is absolutely a water bug. Baths are already a hit at our house, so you can imagine how much fun Henry has in a gigantic bath tub. Mormor and Morfar were even there to take him to his first class!

And the biggest news this month is: he’s crawling! Many parents will tell you to watch out for mobile babies, but we love it! Sure, we have to keep him out of our books and expensive electronic equipment, but now he can keep himself busy. Previously, if a toy rolled away or he got bored, he would fuss until you went and helped him. Now he can help himself. And it’s great to see him able to explore the world independently. Just one more step closer to being a big boy!

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