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Henry at 8 Months

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Oh man… 8 months. I can’t believe it’s been so long! This time last year we were wrapping up our road trip and my little belly was just starting to get big. Tim was talking to Henry every night and telling him that we couldn’t wait to meet him. I had been able to feel Henry kick around for a while, but Tim had just started to be able to feel it. All the more reason for him to snuggle up to my belly at night!

Well, our little man is not so little anymore. The world marvels at his chubbiness. I marvel at his chubbiness. He’s at that wonderful age between baby and little boy, where he’s a bit of both. He getting a little boy personality, but we can still plunk him down on the floor without him getting too far while we’re not looking. He’s moved past cooing to actually babbling a bit. He plays with blocks. He loves anything that makes noise (egg shakers, rattles, bells). He rolls and scoots on the floor (no crawling just yet, though he’s nearly there). His hair looks like a little boys’ but is still soft and downy like a baby. And Tim and I are constantly torn between feeling nostalgic about the baby days and looking forward to toddler days!

I swear he’s even starting to look at things differently. It seems like he has more intention when he does something as opposed to blindly grabbing at everything. He’s investigating more. There’s always a look of wonderment in his eyes, but it really seems like he’s starting to form concepts and coming up with little baby plans.

Another big step is that Henry started daycare this Monday, apparently without any separation anxiety. Go figure. Henry didn’t really seem to care that we weren’t around, he was having too much fun playing with his new friends. The first day was really nice for me, too, because I could do whatever I wanted thinking about Henry waking up from a nap. It makes me a little sad not to see him all day, though. I’m so glad I have my iPhone, so I can browse through all our pictures and videos for my Henry fix. It’s hard to be away because he’s still growing so fast. I don’t want to miss anything! Before we know it, our little man really will be be a little man.

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