May 31, 2011 1


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Tim, Henry, and I just got back from ATLOSCon, and we had an absolutely wonderful time! It gave Tim and I some much needed adult time and Henry had his own excitement hanging out with a bunch of new kid friends. Hes always enjoyed meeting new people, and I think he really enjoyed his two days at Kid Central (this is what we called the house where the babysitting for the conference took place). He didnt even appear to miss Mom and Dad, which made us feel good about him going to daycare soon! Plus he went to the pool for the first time. It was beyond cute. We got some really good pictures of the pool time with a little bit of faux hawk thrown in for good measure.

We met so many new friends and it was inspiring to see such a good group of Objectivists in Atlanta. Its always lovely to meet such benevolent and smart people. It makes me want to get more events going in Charlotte. Hell, it makes me want to do more in general! And now we have a really good excuse to take more road trips to Atlanta. Our souls have definitely been filled :)

Note: Does anyone know the proper spelling of faux hawk? Fauxhawk? Fohawk? Faux-hawk? Darn kids! Them and their newfangled hairstyles!

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