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Henry at 7 Months

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A few weeks ago we celebrated Henry’s 7 month birthday! Normally I would have posted this, you know, on his birthday, but we’ve been so busy that blogging has been put on hold. I suppose that’s what happens when you get a new child, new home and new career all at the same time. We Cheadles don’t do things half way!

The past month or so we’ve really begun to witness Henry transitioning from baby to little boy. Not only do we see more and more of his personality every day, but he’s begun interacting with the world in a way that feels much more like an independent person. He can sit up on his own, make decisions about what toys he wants to play with, grab and hold them with pretty good dexterity, and he’s even eating solid foods. He of course loves spending his days with Mom and Dad, but he also loves playing with other people, especially other kids. We try to introduce him to as many people as possible and without fail his cute, chubby legs win them over every time.

Henry makes it easy on us; he’s a pretty easy dude to take care of. Most of the day he spends giggling with Mom, distracting Dad from work, rolling around with his toys and going on walks. It’s also pretty clear that he’s in love with the outdoors. Now that spring is here, we frequently spend hours on our front porch listening to the birds and enjoying the breeze. Needless to say we can’t wait to take him to the beach!

While he’s not quite there yet, he’ll probably be crawling any day now. He can roll from his back to his tummy and vice versa, and he can even pivot around in circles. Let the babyproofing begin! He’s definitely a curious little guy, grabbing pretty much anything he finds. Without a doubt, his favorite toys are paper and cold bottles. No Henry, you aren’t ready for Dad’s beer quite yet.

Full of energy and love, Henry is growing up and ready to take on summer. So are we!

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