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Henry at 6 Months

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Can you believe it? It’s already been half a year since our little man made his debut. It seems like just yesterday that he was learning to breastfeed, play with his toys, eat solid food…

No wait, it really was basically yesterday that he started eating solid food! To be fair, we’ve only tried a little bits of stuff here and there. He absolutely loved bananas, showed no interest in yogurt and was kind of confused by butternut squash. It’s early days, but we are super excited about Henry eating real food! I’m pretty determined to get him enjoying pork products as soon as possible. Mmm, bacon.

Speaking of eating, Henry is definitely well accomplished already. We took him to his six month checkup at the pediatrician today, discovering that he weighs 20 pounds 15.5 ounces, coming in at 27.5″ tall. That means he’s in the 95th percentile for weight and the 75th percentile for height. Still a big boy! I often see one year olds that are his size. Seriously.

Henry is much more physically active these days. In the last month he’s learned to sit up on his own, suck his thumb instead of just jamming his hand in his mouth and roll over from his back to his tummy while holding his head up. Also, he’s started playing in his ExerSaucer, a baby seat surrounded by a plastic tray loaded with toys. We received one as a gift months ago and left it in the closet, but after Henry played in one at a friend’s house we immediately assembled ours. Let’s just say the thing is a huge hit. Not only does he love the lights and sounds, but it only took about 3 days for him to learn how to use his legs to “stand”, spin around using his hands and feet, and navigate the various toy puzzles.

Almost everyone who meets Henry says he’s a very happy, calm kid and we agree. He definitely brightens up our day. He loves to meet new people and explore his environment, smiling and laughing most of the time. Henry’s also a very curious little boy, trying to figure out how everything works (usually by first putting things in his mouth). His level of concentration is enviable!

He’s now over the hill towards his first birthday, and what a wonderful six months it’s been. We love our Henry Bug!

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