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Henry at 5 Months

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It’s that time again! We celebrated Henry’s five month birthday on Tuesday, as the past month has brought about many new changes and developments. While we won’t get an accurate height and weight measurement until his 6-month pediatric visit, we’re confident that he’s over 26″ and close to 21 pounds. In terms of growth curves, he’s literally off the charts. He’s already close to graduating to a bigger car seat and we’re in a mad dash to make sure we have a supply of clothes that fit!

As for developmental milestones, he’s been running a marathon. At four months we were amazed that he was holding his head up and beginning to sit upright (with a little help). Only 30 days later, he’s very close to sitting up on his own, and he can even roll over on his tummy. This has become quite the favorite exercise, as Henry even has the strength to adjust his arms and pick his head up once he’s over. He can consistently reach and grab objects as he has learned to control his thumbs and use his arms. Throwing toys is another new favorite pastime.

Henry’s personality is really starting to shine as well. He’s always been a pretty relaxed kid, but now we’re starting to see just how happy he really is. Laughter is a pretty constant part of our day (when he’s not crying for food, that is). He loves meeting new people, especially other children, and he always gets a glow in his eyes when grandparents come to visit and play. We’re very lucky to have such a laid back kiddo. Let’s hope he carries that trait into the toddler phase.

We’re close to putting him to sleep unswaddled and, though bed time has become a lot more predictable and routine, he still often needs a lot of help going to sleep. Maybe our No Cry Sleep Solution book will turn out to be useful after all! He was too young to try some of those methods when we read it initially, so it’s probably time for a refresher course. We’re also preparing our home for a crawling infant by moving all of our valuables just a little bit higher up. Dad really doesn’t feel like turning his nice speakers into baby toys.

All in all it’s been a busy and wonderful month. Here’s looking forward to month six!

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