February 12, 2011 1

Henry at 4 Months

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Henry had his four month birthday on Tuesday. Happy Birthday to our sweet little one! He celebrated at the doctor with shots (boo! hiss!), but he only let out a short cry before calming down this time (yay!). And he weighs 18 pounds and 14 ounces! And he’s 26.25 inches tall! Henry is definitely becoming A Big Boy™. My back already knew that, but it’s nice to have some solid data. And for bragging purposes, that’s 97% for weight and 90% for height :)

Over the past month, he’s gotten so much better at lifting his head and he loves it when you help him sit. Our world is now filled with coos and lots of other adorable noises. I’ve been hanging out with other moms more often, and when I do, Henry is all smiles at meeting new people. We can see his personality really starting to shine through all of those delicious baby rolls. Henry is ready to explore the world on his own and we can’t wait to help him!

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