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Road Trip 2010 – Days 32-33

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June 15-16, 2010
Chicago, Illinois to Richmond, VA, 815 miles
17 hours, 34 minutes

With our tour of Chicago complete, it felt like our road trip had reached its conclusion. We’d ventured throughout the west, seen cities and countryside, visited many friends and met countless friendly strangers. Since we grew up in Virginia, it felt like there simply wasn’t much more we wanted to visit. More importantly, we missed our family and they all missed us. It was time to head home.

We packed all of our belongings and set out to blaze a trail from Illinois to Virginia, skipping through Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. Aside from finding roadside places to eat and a short overnight sleep in Charleston, we only made one stop along the entire route. The New River Gorge National River is simply too beautiful to ignore. Attracting everyone from hikers and kayakers to bridge jumpers, the park is a beautiful introduction to the Appalachians. We toured their brand new visitor center, took in the fresh mountain air and reveled in the fact that we were back east. Ah, the right coast.

Without a doubt, crossing the border to Virginia was a giant relief. We’d driven thousands of miles to get here and there was only one thing on my mind: being home. My parents greeted us with hugs and food, as they always do. My brother and his fiancĂ©e welcomed us back and we all agreed it was so nice to be back together. There’s really nothing quite like being with family and while we had a blast on our trip, we were glad it was over. Until next time…

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