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Road Trip 2010 – Days 27-29

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June 10-12, 2010
Denver, Colorado to Chicago, Illinois, 1,230 miles
(via Lincoln, Nebraska, Kansas City, Kansas and St. Louis, Missouri)
28 hours, 35 minutes

After 4 weeks of driving thousands of miles, living out of suitcases and eating junk food, we were ready to finish our trip. Our families waited for us back east and quite frankly we missed being home. It’s amazing how much you miss having your own space when you go without it for just a short period. We were still having a blast but now that our wild west was won, it was time to really hit the road.

Driving across the midwest is an endurance exercise. It’s kind of like reading a dense history textbook; it’s tedious and kind of interesting, but really you just want to finish. Because our last trip involved a tiring drive across Kansas, we decided this time to trek across Nebraska. Unlike its neighbor to the south, the Cornhusker State at least has trees lining the interstate instead of just millions of acres of rolling corn and soy fields. Still, finding any place to stop and eat other than a McDonald’s was truly difficult. It was so boring I even got excited about finding a hill to photograph. Sad.

We blazed across Nebraska, spending the night in Lincoln after a very long drive. The next morning we decided to spice it up a bit and take a detour to Kansas City. The one thing I was exciting about finding in the midwest was barbecue and Kansas City is quite famous for its smoked meaty goodness. Our friend and Kansas native Alicia recommended we go to a place called Jack Stack to get our fix of beef brisket and pulled pork, so off we went. Was it worth the trip? Let’s just say lunch in Kansas City reminded me why I will never be a vegetarian.

Downtown Kansas City is also famous for its fountains, as apparently they have more outdoor fountains than any other city in the country. After lunch we wandered around a bit to enjoy the fountains and their wonderful sculptures. This particular one is called the J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain and is the most renowned in the city.

We finished our detour by spending the night in St. Louis. Though it’s a beautiful city, we toured it during previous road trip so the next day we booked it straight to Chicago. See ya, Gateway Arch! Hello, Wrigley Field!

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