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Not many people talk about why daddies are important. And that’s a shame. Everyone needs a role model to show them what a good and decent man looks like. If you’re a woman, you have someone to show you the qualities to look for in male friends or a future partner or, if you’re inclined to have kids, qualities to encourage in your sons. As a man, it’s easy to see that a father shows you how to grow up.

I had read a book soon after Henry was born called Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys. It was a wonderful read because it gave me so many more reasons why we need daddies. Boys need to see a man who is comfortable with affection and his emotions. You need someone (other than Mommy) to cuddle up with.

A young boy needs to see someone that is strong and supportive, but also needs someone to show him how to deal with life when you’re feeling vulnerable and need help. Do you lash out and get angry? Do you cave in and isolate yourself? Or do you think about why you’re feeling the way you do and reach out for help?

Daddies are also great for play. Boys and girls need to get rambunctious once in a while (or in the case of most boys, daily and often). Daddies tend to be the best at this kind of thing.

Seeing how your Mom and Dad interact is essential too. Do they fight and resent each other? Or is there a deep bond between them? Do they treat each other with respect and admire one another? Are the genders constantly at odds or can they cooperate?

Daddies are important for so many reasons. Take the time today to tell one of the daddies you know that you appreciate him.

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1 Year!

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Henry is a year old! Hooray! We all made it! I’ll let you savor the cuteness for a moment…

I survived my parents! Yessss! But will they survive me?

Becoming parents was the best decision that Tim and I ever made. The past year has been the happiest of our lives. When we got married, it was hard to imagine being any more filled up with love, but that’s what happened when we had Henry. It’s been really hard and there’s no way to prepare for it, but it’s also been fantastic. And he’s pretty adorable, so that does help with the difficult parts.

I'm even sorta cute when I'm upset.

Henry has grown up so fast in front of our eyes and we’re constantly torn between wishing time would slow down and excited about what will come next. I know I say that all of the time, but it’s really true. Everything new that he does gives us a sense of wonderment and we love getting to know him. He loves chasing things around on the floor and is a total mama’s boy. He loves paper and, like most babies, will test the properties of newly discovered objects by trying to eat them. When he’s happy he’ll flap his arms up and down and grin. Henry is also a bit of a flirt, so ladies, please be careful. Over the past year, he’s gone from being a mewling newborn to a rascally little boy.

What the heck is "mewling"? Mommy and her funny words!

I perform many important scientific experiments throughout my day.

We had a lovely birthday party for him with two kinds of cake (count em! two!). My mom made me Henry a Danish layer cake and Tim’s parents brought cupcakes from Richmond. He liked the cupcake the best:

It was a wonderful way to cap off a great year! Happy Birthday, Henry! Your dad and I look forward to whatever the next ones will bring.

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Henry at 11 Months

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What a happy boy! I say boy, of course, because he’s not really our baby anymore. Henry has been crawling with gusto and doing everything he can to be a big boy. He’s also reached the stage where he likes putting things in containers and taking them out. He loves to explore the world. He eats table food with us, he’s trying to pull up on everything, and he’s certainly not as passive as he used to be. We have had some interesting battles regarding diaper changes (the only thing I’ll say is that there are acrobatics involved). Henry still has his happy-go-lucky personality, but he is starting to tell us when he objects to what we’re doing…quite often.

Language is another thing that he’s been working on. Henry’s babbling is adorable. He points at everything and will try to say what it is. Mostly it comes out as “ba” or “da”, but hey, it’s a start! He has little conversations with toys and will monologue now and then as well. I’ve been trying out some sign language with him and I think he knows the signs for “ceiling fan” and “milk”. Once in a while I think he does the sign for “more”, as in, more food, but he seems to prefer smacking the table with both hands while opening his mouth as opposed to signing for it.

We also had an exciting visit with his cousins at the end of August! My parents flew down with Aimee and Lauren who were just ecstatic to see Henry in all of his chubby glory. Henry loves to play with other kids, so it was fun for him to see his energetic cousins run around the house and he was happy to see Mormor and Morfar.

Tim and I are a bit nostalgic for Henry’s baby days, when he was content to cuddle up in our arms and stare at us, but we also can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. I want to hear what’s on his mind and watch him become an independent little boy. I also want him to walk around and help me clean up his toys. Almost there!

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Open for Business!

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In the past year our family has experienced more changes than just kid-related excitement. I’m happy to announce that my first business, Rational Means, is up and running!

We had always planned to move back east, but during the past few years the urge to start my own company became a motivating factor to actually pull the trigger. Not only would the cost of living allow us to invest more and bootstrap the business, but Charlotte seemed like (and is) a great place to start. The tech community here is small but thriving, and it’s been fairly easy to make a good name for myself.

Rational Means is a web design and development company. At the moment we’re primarily involved in technical consulting for clients, building user interfaces, web designs and content management systems so our customers can easily edit and navigate their content. It’s pretty exciting to be building things from the ground up. I brought my brother Matt on as a business partner, and we’re looking to take this already profitable business and grow it into something stable, sustainable and prosperous over the next few years. Being an entrepreneur is tough work, but it’s absolutely worth it!

For more info and to see our sample portfolio, check out our website.

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Henry at 10 Months

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I know, I know… We just published his 9 month post. Are you really going to be disappointed with more adorable Henry photos?

Here’s the “posed” shot for this month:

And here’s Henry showing what most of the shoot actually looked like:

Month ten was, well, superbly amazing. Not only did he basically perfect crawling, but Henry has begun pulling himself up onto his feet, doing the downward dog yoga pose and practicing the wobble. Pretty soon we’ll be running around the house with him! Oh wait, we’re already doing that. Our little man is a fast one. He’ll even hear one of us cooking dinner and crawl from the living room to the kitchen to see what the action is. SO SWEET.

Since Henry loves bath time and the swimming pool so much, we decided to take him to explore various other water features in Charlotte. A current favorite is the fountain at South Park mall, where he’ll sit on the edge and try to grab the water streams, all while getting soaked by water splashing on his feet. To escape this year’s brutal summer heat, Mom also takes him over to the “Sprayground” in Latta Park. Really, a playground with fountains and puddles just for kids to splash around in? Kids these days, they have it made. Henry, of course, loves it. So do we.

As for physical development, Henry is still a big boy, weighing in at around 24 pounds and hovering around 27 inches tall. The most exciting and obvious stepping stone is that now he has teeth! His two bottom central incisors have formed completely, and his upper incisors are coming in quite nicely. He has a beautiful smile, just like his Mom! This not only allows him to look more and more like a little boy, but now puréed food is starting to give way to more solids. His favorite? Peaches and bananas.

Speaking of becoming a little boy, the most amazing new behavior is his display of preferences. In the last nine months, Henry would pretty much act interested in anything you put in front of him. Now, he shows a clear preference for one toy or another, moving his stuffed ant aside to pick up some of his new puzzle blocks. This even extends to people; it’s adorable to see him crawl over to one of us, climb up our leg and reach out to be picked up. He’ll definitely let you know if he wants some love!

As we make our way quickly towards the one year mark, I can’t help but tear up and just how far we’ve come. To think that there are many decades more of watching our child grow is one of the happiest thoughts we’ve ever had. Happy 10 months Henry!

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Henry at 9 Months

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It’s time for the 9 month post! Ok…it’s actually more like time for the 10 month post. We’ve been busy – not lazy – we promise! Anyways, here’s what you have all been waiting for:

We would have been closer to the actual 9 month mark, but the poor little guy got sick.

Two ear infections in one month do not a happy baby make. He got sick quite a bit because it was his first month in daycare. It wasn’t all bad, though, as he met a new friend named Stone. Apparently the first time they saw each other they were instant friends. They love to make noise together and laugh. We hope to have some play dates in the coming weeks!

Going from 8 months to 9 months was eventful. As I already mentioned, Henry started daycare, meaning he got to meet new friends and Mom and Dad got some time off! He also started his Music Together classes, which he LOVES. Not only is making noise one of Henry’s favorite pastimes, he loves to hear music and for us to dance with him. We also took Henry to swimming classes this month. He is absolutely a water bug. Baths are already a hit at our house, so you can imagine how much fun Henry has in a gigantic bath tub. Mormor and Morfar were even there to take him to his first class!

And the biggest news this month is: he’s crawling! Many parents will tell you to watch out for mobile babies, but we love it! Sure, we have to keep him out of our books and expensive electronic equipment, but now he can keep himself busy. Previously, if a toy rolled away or he got bored, he would fuss until you went and helped him. Now he can help himself. And it’s great to see him able to explore the world independently. Just one more step closer to being a big boy!

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Henry Crawls!

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For many weeks Henry has been extremely close to crawling, so close that we proactively started babyproofing. He started with being able to go from sitting upright to being on his tummy, then scooting around, then going backwards. Today marks the day our little man has figured it out! Captured on video, here is undeniable proof that we are in for a new phase of parenting. We’re so proud!

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Henry at 8 Months

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Oh man… 8 months. I can’t believe it’s been so long! This time last year we were wrapping up our road trip and my little belly was just starting to get big. Tim was talking to Henry every night and telling him that we couldn’t wait to meet him. I had been able to feel Henry kick around for a while, but Tim had just started to be able to feel it. All the more reason for him to snuggle up to my belly at night!

Well, our little man is not so little anymore. The world marvels at his chubbiness. I marvel at his chubbiness. He’s at that wonderful age between baby and little boy, where he’s a bit of both. He getting a little boy personality, but we can still plunk him down on the floor without him getting too far while we’re not looking. He’s moved past cooing to actually babbling a bit. He plays with blocks. He loves anything that makes noise (egg shakers, rattles, bells). He rolls and scoots on the floor (no crawling just yet, though he’s nearly there). His hair looks like a little boys’ but is still soft and downy like a baby. And Tim and I are constantly torn between feeling nostalgic about the baby days and looking forward to toddler days!

I swear he’s even starting to look at things differently. It seems like he has more intention when he does something as opposed to blindly grabbing at everything. He’s investigating more. There’s always a look of wonderment in his eyes, but it really seems like he’s starting to form concepts and coming up with little baby plans.

Another big step is that Henry started daycare this Monday, apparently without any separation anxiety. Go figure. Henry didn’t really seem to care that we weren’t around, he was having too much fun playing with his new friends. The first day was really nice for me, too, because I could do whatever I wanted thinking about Henry waking up from a nap. It makes me a little sad not to see him all day, though. I’m so glad I have my iPhone, so I can browse through all our pictures and videos for my Henry fix. It’s hard to be away because he’s still growing so fast. I don’t want to miss anything! Before we know it, our little man really will be be a little man.

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Tim, Henry, and I just got back from ATLOSCon, and we had an absolutely wonderful time! It gave Tim and I some much needed adult time and Henry had his own excitement hanging out with a bunch of new kid friends. Hes always enjoyed meeting new people, and I think he really enjoyed his two days at Kid Central (this is what we called the house where the babysitting for the conference took place). He didnt even appear to miss Mom and Dad, which made us feel good about him going to daycare soon! Plus he went to the pool for the first time. It was beyond cute. We got some really good pictures of the pool time with a little bit of faux hawk thrown in for good measure.

We met so many new friends and it was inspiring to see such a good group of Objectivists in Atlanta. Its always lovely to meet such benevolent and smart people. It makes me want to get more events going in Charlotte. Hell, it makes me want to do more in general! And now we have a really good excuse to take more road trips to Atlanta. Our souls have definitely been filled :)

Note: Does anyone know the proper spelling of faux hawk? Fauxhawk? Fohawk? Faux-hawk? Darn kids! Them and their newfangled hairstyles!

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Henry and Nana

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Henry loves playing with Nana!